Agri Development Solutions
The Future in Agriculture Development, ADS: Your Partner
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Service delivery from ADS is strongly backed up by a team of highly functional and professional experts in agriculture and businesses:

  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Agri-economics
  • Engineers: agricultural and structural
  • Quantity analysis
  • Training: assessment and development
  • Labour services
  • Security clearance
  • Technical services
    (extention and other)
  • BEE compliance
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Legal service
  • Financial services

For Agri-businesses

  • Industrial and business analysis
  • BEE: facilitation, planning and implementing as well as support in the compilation and development of equal opportunity plans

For Commercial Agriculture

  • BEE: facilitation and compliance
  • Land reform
    • Recruiting of potential partnerships
    • Candidate evaluation by means of aptitude tests
    • Modeling and establishment of an appropriate business structure
    • Personnel security clearances
    • Training: practical, theoretical & management
    • Labour facilitation

For Government Departments

  • Mediation function to identify land for reformation projects
  • A project planning service
  • Identification of mentors
  • Economical studies
  • Identification of candidates and evaluation of potentiality
  • Monitoring projects and report back
  • Accredited training with access to data bases
  • Legal services